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"Experience prompt responses with Groover! Get feedback from selected curators and pros within 7 days. Unlock exciting opportunities like playlist placements, radio plays, social media shares, articles, interviews, and more. When a curator or pro likes your track, they'll share their contact info for easy communication. Say goodbye to endless contact searches, email sending, and follow-up hassles – Groover connects you with industry professionals in just a few clicks."

What will you get?

Direct and fast access to more than 2,000 curators, radio stations and music industry professionals.

Get in touch with curators and pros on Groover - you're guaranteed to get listened to and receive feedback.

Additionally, you get a 10% discount on your first promotional campaign for your track.

How does it work?

Receive valuable feedback from curators, radio stations, and professionals with a minimum of 15 words per track.

Earn 1 Grooviz for each review. Don't worry about unresponsive submissions – get your Grooviz back after 7 days to submit your music to new curators and pros on Groover.

Groover assists musicians and their support teams in gaining exposure for their music.