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Master the Art of Music Production: 3 Must-Watch YouTube Channels

Master the Art of Music Production: 3 Must-Watch YouTube Channels

If you're passionate about music production and eager to enhance your skills in this creative realm, YouTube is the ultimate platform for you. With its vast array of educational content, YouTube has revolutionized the way we learn. In this blog post, we'll delve into three top-tier YouTube channels: The Producer School, Zen World, and KSHMR. These channels will guide you on your musical journey and help unlock your full potential in music production.

The Producer School

The Producer School is a YouTube channel that offers a wide range of sample packs, soundbanks, and tutorials for music production. These resources can be utilized for both commercial and educational purposes. The channel is highly regarded, with its products trusted by renowned industry professionals as well as thousands of other producers within the music scene.

The channel is owned and operated by Niek Huggers, who likely serves as the primary content creator and instructor. With a focus primarily on electronic dance music (EDM), The Producer School's YouTube channel publishes a variety of music tutorials. These tutorials cover different aspects of music production, sharing insights, techniques, and tips for creating EDM tracks.


Zen World

Zen World is a YouTube channel that focuses on music production tutorials, sound design, and other resources for electronic music producers. The channel offers a wide range of content, including tutorials, tips, and techniques for creating various genres of electronic music.

The creator and primary instructor of the Zen World YouTube channel is Zen World himself. He is an experienced producer and sound designer who shares his knowledge and expertise with the audience through his videos.

Zen World's tutorials cover different aspects of music production, such as sound design, mixing and mastering techniques, arrangement ideas, and workflow tips. The channel also provides in-depth reviews of plugins, virtual instruments, and hardware equipment commonly used in electronic music production.

In addition to tutorials, Zen World occasionally releases sample packs, preset packs, and other resources for producers, which can be found on his website or through affiliated platforms.



KSHMR is an acclaimed DJ, producer, and musician known for his captivating electronic music productions and energetic live performances. While KSHMR's music career extends beyond his YouTube channel, his YouTube presence serves as a hub for his creative content and engagement with his fanbase.

KSHMR's YouTube channel serves as a platform where he not only shares his music but also aims to educate and inspire fellow producers and fans. By providing tutorials, sample packs, and behind-the-scenes content, KSHMR fosters a sense of community and encourages aspiring musicians to pursue their passion for music production.

He collaborates with other musicians and artists to create sample packs and sound libraries that are released through the popular platform Splice. These sample packs contain a diverse range of high-quality sounds, loops, and presets that producers can use in their own music productions.

His YouTube channel features production tutorials where he shares his knowledge and techniques for music production. These tutorials cover a wide range of topics, including sound design, mixing, arrangement, and mastering. He often provides insights into his signature sounds and offers tips on achieving certain production elements.