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Sylenth1 Sound Bank of Authentic Classical Instruments Released

Sylenth1 Sound Bank of Authentic Classical Instruments Released

Sylenth1 sound bank "Sounds of Classic Vol. 1" is OUT NOW! This collection features authentic-sounding instruments, primarily designed for classical music. However, it caters not only to classical music creators but also to producers seeking to infuse an additional classic vibe into their compositions. It required considerable time for me to carefully analyze and conceptualize each individual instrument, highlighting their distinct characteristics and identities. I have incorporated vibratos, fine-tuned pitches, adjusted tones, and implemented various techniques to emulate the authentic sound as closely as possible.


The bundle includes a total of 20 presets, all royalty-free and primed for immediate use in your compositions. These presets boast uniqueness, having been crafted with the analog synthesizer, Sylenth1, providing you with limitless options for tuning and adding variation to suit your preferences. This stands in contrast to rompler presets that rely on recorded samples and snapshots within virtual instruments, limiting your ability to make substantial alterations.






1. Bass

The bass at the rear draws inspiration from a bass guitar, specifically a pick bass, emulating a nearly human-like slap attack, sustain, and release. Not only does it replicate the sound faithfully, but adjustments have been made across all frequency ranges to seamlessly transition between octaves, automatically adapting the waveform accordingly.


2. Flute

Making a flute sound constitutes one of the lengthiest stages in developing this pack. The flute embodies distinct characteristics, including rapid pitch shifts, white noise elements, and a crucial frequency spectrum. Good news, all these elements have been integrated into this preset. Created from an analog synth, tweaking the EQ, resonance, and various knobs or parameters yields diverse flute variations such as pan flute, piccolo flute, plastic flute, alto flute, and numerous others.


3. Guitar

The bank offers 5 potent guitars: the strat, nylon guitar, strat chorus, strat clean, and strat whah. However, through parameter adjustments and knob tweaking, a plethora of guitar sounds and variations can be achieved to suit individual needs. These guitars serve as starting points for exploration and customization, enabling the creation of the ideal guitar for various musical genres. Each guitar is fine-tuned to emulate real guitar sounds, featuring glides, slides, pitch modulation, slaps, and other nuanced effects. Internal effects are integrated to enhance authenticity, yet users have the option to disable them if preferred.


4. Harp

The harp, a stringed musical instrument, features strings that run diagonally across its soundboard and are plucked with the fingers. It is the instrument suited for your needs, and you can enhance its sound by incorporating effects like reverb and delay to tailor it to the desired setting for performance.


5. Horn

It is ideal for both traditional and contemporary filmmaking as well as contemporary musical animation. You can play it in different voices depending on what you want, which is fantastic. Plus, it doubles as a music stamp, producing truly outstanding and memorable results. Feel free to dig into the possibilities!


6. Pluck

Plucked stringed instruments such as guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, banjos, balalikas and many sitars are part of the lute family. They generally have a resonant body and neck, with strings flying across the neck that can be blocked at different pitches. This default is a starting point for specially drilled instrument types or drilled sounds.


7. Pianos

A piano is a sizable musical apparatus featuring a series of black and white keys activated to produce musical notes. Although physically absent, I've managed to recreate its sound virtually. In my repertoire, there are six lifelike piano sounds, encompassing jazz piano, electric piano, Rhodes piano, keyboard piano, and church piano. Each variant has undergone extensive testing across various music genres and subgenres during the creation. The exciting news is that they are primed for integration into your compositions, awaiting your creative touch.


8. Sax

I initially overlooked including a saxophone sound in the pack. However, upon reflection, I realized it would be fantastic to have it regardless. Honestly, there were numerous intricate processes involved in recreating a saxophone sound from scratch, as it possesses numerous nuanced characteristics that cannot be overlooked. Nevertheless, after much effort, I'm pleased to present it. It's primarily a tenor saxophone sound, but with a slight tweak, you can achieve a soprano saxophone sound, and so forth.


9. Sitar

Sitar sounds are commonly employed in drama films, cultural events, and specific locales such as India, or as part of cinematic backgrounds. However, adding the sitar into your composition can infuse your track with added uniqueness and vibrancy. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, the sitar is a plucked stringed instrument widely utilized in Hindustani classical music. Its distinctive and appealing resonance adds an enchanting quality that captivates the listener's ears.


10. Trumpet

Behold! The resonant tones of a trumpet bear a resemblance to a saxophone, yet distinguish themselves through altered releases and decay, along with adjustments to certain frequencies. The trumpet holds no limitations in its usage, regardless of genres or cultural backgrounds. Take, for instance, Timmy Trumpet, a maestro of electronic dance music who seamlessly incorporates his trumpet as a distinctive signature, even during live performances.



So why getting the Sylenth1 sound bank, Sounds of Classic Vol. 1? Firstly, Sylenth1 is lightweight, minimizing computer resource usage like CPU. Additionally, its visually appealing design and themes enhance user experience. Furthermore, this pack offers authentic sounds that can be extensively customized to suit individual preferences. Wishing you productive and enjoyable music production!