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Behind the Scenes: Music Distributors EDM Labels Use

Behind the Scenes: Music Distributors EDM Labels Use

The dance music scene is a thriving industry that heavily relies on the contribution of various players, including record labels. These labels play critical roles in promoting and distributing the music produced by artists in the scene. They often provide the necessary resources and support that artists need to propel their careers forward.

Some record labels such as Wall Recordings (UMG), founded by Dutch DJ and producer Afrojack, STMPD RCRDS (SMG), founded by renowned Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix, and Spinnin' Records (WMG) along with its sublabels including Dim Mak, Maxximize, and Musical Freedom, have decided to affiliate with major labels to access greater resources and expand their reach.

While some record labels have affiliations with major labels, others opt for independence to maintain more control over their music distribution and marketing strategies.

Below is a compilation of music distributors and some of their associated independent record labels.

Label Engine

Label Engine is a robust music distribution platform designed specifically for independent artists and record labels. It acts as a centralized hub that streamlines the entire process of music distribution, offering a wide range of tools and features to simplify the journey from content creation to global release. With Label Engine, artists and labels can focus on what they do best: creating music, while leaving the complex logistics of distribution to the platform. Trusted by renowned labels like Monstercat, Lowly, and Insomnia Records, Label Engine empowers its users with valuable analytics and insights, enabling informed decision-making regarding their music and marketing strategies.

One of the primary advantages of Label Engine is its simplified music distribution process. The platform allows artists and labels to easily upload their music, metadata, artwork, and other necessary assets. It supports multiple file formats and ensures that all the technical requirements for various music streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Beatport, are met. Label Engine takes care of the complexities involved in delivering music to these platforms, ensuring that the content is properly formatted, tagged, and ready for release.

They enable artists and record labels to reach a global audience by distributing their music to numerous digital platforms and music stores worldwide. Through strategic partnerships and integrations, Label Engine ensures that the music is available on major streaming services, online stores, and social media platforms, maximizing exposure and monetization potential. The platform provides detailed analytics and reporting, allowing artists and labels to track their streams, sales, and earnings in real-time.

What's more, Label Engine offers robust rights management capabilities, allowing artists and labels to protect their intellectual property and maintain control over their music catalog. The platform helps in managing rights metadata, handling copyright registrations, and administering mechanical, performance, and synchronization rights. Moreover, Label Engine automates the royalty distribution process, ensuring that all stakeholders, including artists, producers, and collaborators, receive their fair share of earnings promptly and accurately.

Label Engine offers marketing and promotional features, including playlist pitching, social media integrations, and promotional campaign tracking, helping artists and labels enhance their visibility and engage with their audience. The platform offers dedicated customer support to assist artists and labels with any queries or technical issues they may encounter. Additionally, Label Engine provides educational resources, industry insights, and networking opportunities through its community forums, helping artists and labels stay informed and connected within the music industry.



Label Worx was founded in 2007 with a clear mission: to empower independent artists and labels by providing them with the tools and support needed to navigate the complex world of music distribution. As a digital music distributor and label services provider, Label Worx acts as a bridge between artists, labels, and the various digital platforms, ensuring that music reaches the right ears at the right time.

They offer comprehensive music distribution services that enable artists and labels to reach global audiences seamlessly. By leveraging its extensive network of digital music platforms and streaming services, Label Worx ensures that music is available on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, and many more. This expansive reach helps artists and labels gain exposure to a wide range of listeners, increasing their chances of discovery and success.

One of the key strengths of Label Worx lies in its cutting-edge technology. The platform provides artists and labels with intuitive tools and features that streamline their workflows and make music distribution a seamless process. From uploading and managing releases to tracking sales and performance analytics, Label Worx offers a comprehensive suite of tools to support the business and creative aspects of music distribution.

With Label Worx's advanced analytics, artists and labels gain valuable insights into their audience demographics, geographic reach, and streaming trends. This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making and targeted marketing strategies, ultimately helping artists and labels maximize their reach and impact in the digital music landscape.

Label Worx goes beyond music distribution, offering a range of additional label services that support artists and labels at every step of their journey. These services include royalty accounting and collection, rights management, marketing support, and promotional opportunities. By providing these comprehensive label services, Label Worx enables artists and labels to focus on their creative endeavors while ensuring their business operations run smoothly.

And they have a standing out a demo tool that serves as a dedicated platform for artists to submit their music directly to record labels. This innovative tool streamlines the traditional demo submission process, providing artists with a centralized platform to showcase their work to a wide range of industry professionals. With the Demo Tool, artists can bypass traditional barriers and gain direct access to label executives, increasing their chances of getting signed and taking their careers to new heights.

Future House Music and Ensis Records are prominent record labels that have chosen Labelworx as their preferred distributor. By leveraging Labelworx's services, they can streamline their distribution process, focus on creating quality music, and effectively market their releases. The availability of analytics and marketing tools allows these labels to make data-driven decisions, target the right audience, and maximize their reach and impact within the music industry.



Symphonic Distribution is a leading digital music distribution and marketing company that specializes in helping independent artists, record labels, and music producers get their music heard by a global audience. Founded in 2006, Symphonic Distribution has been at the forefront of the digital music revolution, providing innovative tools and services to artists of all genres.

Apart of the music distribution, Symphonic recognizes the importance of marketing and promotion for artists. The platform offers tailored marketing strategies, including playlist pitching, social media promotion, and press outreach, to maximize the visibility and impact of an artist's music. With dedicated marketing experts on their side, artists can amplify their presence and connect with their target audience more effectively.

Symphonic Distribution goes beyond traditional distribution by providing opportunities for artists to license their music for various media projects. Sync licensing allows artists to have their music featured in films, TV shows, advertisements, and more. By tapping into Symphonic's sync licensing network, Bodega, artists can explore additional revenue streams and gain exposure to new audiences.

The best part, Symphonic is committed to supporting artists' growth and development. Through educational blog resources, webinars, and workshops, the platform offers valuable insights into the music industry, marketing strategies, and creative development. By equipping artists with knowledge and tools, Symphonic empowers them to navigate the industry with confidence and make informed decisions about their music careers.

Within the Symphonic Distribution ecosystem, Intensity Recordings stands out as an exceptional label that provides a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent and reach a global audience. As a part of the Symphonic Distribution network, Intensity Recordings benefits from the extensive distribution reach and comprehensive services offered by Symphonic, enabling artists signed to the label to maximize their exposure and opportunities in the music industry.

Intensity Recordings prides itself on curating a diverse and forward-thinking roster of artists across various electronic music genres. With a focus on quality and innovation, the label serves as a launchpad for talented producers to release their music and make a mark in the industry. Artists signed to Intensity Recordings gain access to Symphonic's wide network of digital music platforms, opening doors to new fans and potential collaborations.



FUGA provides a comprehensive platform that empowers music labels and artists with seamless digital distribution, royalty accounting, and marketing tools. With FUGA's technology, music creators can efficiently distribute their content to major streaming platforms, online stores, and social media platforms worldwide.

One of the key strengths of FUGA is its ability to streamline the distribution process. Labels and artists can upload their music, metadata, and artwork to the platform, which then ensures timely and accurate delivery to a vast network of digital service providers (DSPs). FUGA's robust infrastructure and dedicated team enable efficient content management, reducing the complexities associated with distribution and allowing creators to focus on their art.

And yeah, Hospital Records, a prominent member of the FUGA family, is one of the most influential drum and bass labels worldwide. With FUGA's digital distribution platform, Hospital Records has been able to reach a global audience, delivering releases from renowned artists such as London Elektricity, Netsky, and High Contrast. FUGA's reliable distribution infrastructure ensures that Hospital Records' releases are readily available across various streaming platforms and online stores, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the label's cutting-edge drum and bass sound.

From their early stage, Armada Music, is another esteemed member of the FUGA family, a powerhouse in the electronic music scene. With FUGA's digital distribution platform, Armada Music has been able to efficiently distribute its vast catalog of releases, spanning genres like trance, progressive house, and dance-pop. FUGA's robust technology enables Armada Music to reach a global audience, ensuring that their releases from artists such as Armin van Buuren, Lost Frequencies, and Afrojack are accessible across the digital music landscape.

Still with FUGA, Revealed Recordings, founded by the renowned DJ and producer Hardwell, has established itself as a leading imprint for big room and electro house music. With FUGA's digital distribution platform, Revealed Recordings has been able to effectively distribute high-energy releases from artists like Hardwell, Dannic, Avao, Pastikfunk, and W&W. FUGA's worldwide network of DSPs ensures that Revealed Recordings' signature sound reaches fans across the globe, making a significant impact on the global electronic music scene.

BitBird, founded by the visionary artist San Holo, is a forward-thinking label known for its genre-blurring releases. FUGA's digital distribution platform has played a crucial role in BitBird's success, allowing artists to maintain creative control and express their unique musical visions. FUGA's flexible tools and comprehensive reporting enable BitBird to distribute their diverse releases and engage with fans on a global scale. The partnership between FUGA and BitBird showcases the platform's commitment to empowering artists and fostering artistic freedom in the music industry.


Audiosalad is a digital music distribution platform that enables artists, record labels, and distributors to efficiently deliver their music to various online stores, streaming services, and digital platforms worldwide. With an emphasis on automation, Audiosalad streamlines the complex process of music distribution, providing a user-friendly interface and robust tools that simplify the entire workflow.

They allow artists and labels to efficiently manage and organize metadata, including track titles, artist names, album artwork, and genre information. This ensures accurate and consistent representation of their music across various platforms, optimizing discoverability and user experience, providing detailed sales and royalty reporting, allowing artists and labels to track their music's performance in real-time. This transparency enables them to make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.

With Audiosalad, artists can manage their rights and licensing information effortlessly. This feature helps protect their intellectual property and ensures compliance with copyright regulations, while also simplifying the licensing process for collaborations and sync opportunities.

Rave Culture, an influential record label founded by renowned DJ and producer W&W, is a proud member of Audiosalad's community. Rave Culture focuses on releasing high-energy dance music across various sub-genres, making waves in the electronic music scene.