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Sakaijump: A Malagasy EDM Band Releasing "Tamana EP"

Sakaijump: A Malagasy EDM Band Releasing

A musical event took place on June 15, 2016 in the heart of Antananarivo, Madagascar, and gave birth to the quartet Sakaijump. This group, a combination of gifted DJs and Malagasy musicians, has not only passionately harnessed the sound of "Dance Music" but casted a unique touch in the global music scene.

Despite the limited presence of EDM in Madagascar, Sakaijump has emerged as a vanguard, highlighting and championing the genre on both local and international stages.

Spearheaded by four talented producers, all proudly hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Madagascar, Sakaijump boasts a lineup that reads like a musical powerhouse.

With Sakaijump's dynamic quartet, where each member plays a pivotal role in making their catchy songs, meet Hasina Andrian, the group's sound engineering maestro, whose speciality as a musician adds a unique layer to their compositions. Neria, the adept manager and track arranger, seamlessly blends her wealth of DJing experience into the group's sonic tapestry. Rahlaza, recognized as the youngest DJ in Madagascar in 2017 and a Platinum specialist, stands as both a driving force and a skilled arranger, contributing to the group's dynamic energy. Meanwhile, Tween emerges as the visionary creator, composer, and fervent producer, infusing the realm of virtual art and music production with a distinctive flair. Together, these talents converge, creating a symphony of innovation that defines Sakaijump's musical identity.

During their professional journey, Hasina, Rahlaza and Tween collaborated on an impressive portfolio of over thirty EDM ghostproduced tracks between 2014 and 2015, which are being launched mainly in international markets In 2015. Neria and Hasina met in Antananarivo, and culminated in various online streaming platforms. The encounter, which resulted in the release of their collaborative EP titled "Sex-Drive", not only created a strong musical connection but laid the formation of Sakaijump with the inclusion of Rahlaza and Tween.

Sakaijump's musical output reached unprecedented heights with the release of debut single "Lovesome" in 2016, followed by "Earthold" in 2017. The group's most ambitious project so far is their EP "Tamana". This masterpiece is not just any release; it's signed on Renala Music, a subdivision of Universal Music Africa, marking a significant milestone in Sakaijump's journey. Distributed by Virgin Music Africa, "Tamana EP", with five songs, showcases the depth and diversity of Sakaijump's sonic prowess.


Significantly, the global appeal of "Tamana EP" extends to platforms worldwide, with accessibility on the emerging Moozik application developed by Manoova, the overarching entity behind Renala Music. This partnership broadens the scope of Sakaijump's impact, allowing their sounds to resonate in untapped regions around the world, with a particular emphasis on the Malagasy and African markets.

The dance music rhythm of Madagascar reverberates around the world, marking a journey from collaborative beginnings to independent musicians targeting audiences with their new songs and Sakaijump stands as a beacon, proving that the universal language of music can thrive and evolve even in the unlikeliest of places.